Crackle quartz polished points by weight
Crackle quartz polished points by weight

Crackle quartz polished points by weight

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Polished crackle quartz points

Crackle quartz, also known as fire and ice quartz is made by taking high quality clear quartz and rapidly heating and cooling it to form fractures that create a rainbow effect.

Clear quartz is a stone for improving spiritual growth in all aspects. Clear quartz is also wonderful for protection against negativity.

PLEASE NOTE: pictured is one kilo, however due to the natural formations of stones, we cannot guarantee every lot purchased will be the same. Size, weight per piece, and therefore number of pieces may vary. The lot pictured has been put back after the photography session and is no longer available. Some inclusions and fractures may be present, however should be minimal, as the stones we import are of very high quality. Thank you for your understanding.

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