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Agate Crystal Tower Point | 1kg(2.2lb) 13-17 pcs | Wholesale

Agate Crystal Tower Point | 1kg(2.2lb) 13-17 pcs | Wholesale

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With mellow vibrations and a steady rhythm, Agate provides a sense of peace and support during times of overwhelm.  It is known as the stabilizer, offering stability and grounding in your life when you need it most.  Agate is admired for its incredible beauty and variety of colors, with dreamy bands made up of mineral deposits layered in perfect symmetry.  Working with the crystal will connect you to the gentle vibrations of the earth, making this a gentle stone with a light energy.

Material: Agate

Size: 1 kg(2.2lb) Bulk Lot | approximately 13-17 pcs | 2 - 3.5in. towers

Shipping Info: All items are wrapped separately with adequate cushion material to ensure your crystals arrive to you in perfect condition.  Your order will be processed and shipped within 2-5 business days.

PLEASE NOTE: Pictured is a one kilogram sample, however due to the natural formations of stones, we cannot guarantee every lot purchased will be the same. Size, weight per piece, and therefore number of pieces may vary. The lot pictured has been put back after the photography session and is no longer available. Some inclusions and fractures may be present, however should be minimal, as the stones we import are of very high quality. Thank you for your understanding.

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